Freeman Medical Focus: Pool Safety

Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of summer - and especially the fun that goes with it like spending time in the pool. But that also comes with some risks.

"Unfortunately drowning is big, so the biggest thing is prevention with that. Know your surroundings well, good supervision for the kiddos another thing is use proper flotation devices and try to limit the alcohol use, especially on the holiday weekends,” says Jake Masena.

The younger the child, the bigger the risk of drowning.

"About 75% of those are between the ages of one and three, so supervision especially adult supervision of the kiddos is one of the biggest risk factors and preventive measures we can take,” says Masena.

Adults will also want to keep tabs on pool chemicals, storing them out of reach of kids and making sure levels are appropriate before diving in.

"Be careful when you're using those - if you take whiffs of them, especially the chlorinator or the pool shock  - it has some chemicals that can cause some lung irritation and breathing problems, so make sure you're using good common sense when putting the chemicals in your pool - test your water regularly,” says Masena.

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