Freeman Medical Focus – National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week


JOPLIN, Mo. — This week marks National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week.

They’re part of the diagnosing process who don’t often get a lot of attention – but can play a crucial role in figuring out what’s wrong.

Karen Watts, Freeman Lab Services, said, “So we have many professionals in the lab from phlebotomists, to the med techs. and the workers in histology, pathology. We’re the science behind the scenes.”

And their results can play a huge role in keeping you healthy.

“About 70% of the decisions that they make regarding patients treatment are based on laboratory tests – that’s why it’s important to celebrate the people behind the scenes and the science to make the decisions for clinical treatment.”

Like diagnosing covid-19.

Some testing is local, if they have the supplies they need.

Karen Watts, Freeman Lab Services, said, “Reagent supply is a big issue. Reagents are what we use to perform tests. It’s a supply and demand issue. Most of the reagents being made right now are going to the hotspot areas to test those patients and see if they can squelch the volume of those patients who are positive.”

And that role in monitoring the pandemic is likely to grow.

“Within the next couple of months, we will be able to run a total antibody test here on our Vitros analyzers for covid 19.”

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