Freeman Medical Focus — Long Acting Birth Control Implants


JOPLIN, Mo. — Women using birth control have a few long term options to avoid pregnancy – if they’re willing to have a device implanted.

Dr. Jessica Windschitl, Ob/Gyn, said, “A LARC is a long acting reversible contraceptive – and we have several on the market. We have five different IUDs, or interuterine devices. And one that gets implanted into your arm and that’s called a nexplanon.”

Once it’s implanted, the device takes over.

“It is long acting so you don’t have to worry about taking a pill every day or changing out a ring every month or even having a depo injection every 3 months.”

Some of the implant can also minimize heavy or painful periods.

But there are risks of complications during implantation as well as potential side effects

“Heavy bleeding, painful bleeding or even no bleeding after insertion. Sometimes it can change the predictability of when your period is. Some other side effects include nausea, vomiting breast tenderness.

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