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JOPLIN, Mo. — The CDC estimates one out of seven American adults have kidney disease. And what you eat could play a role in causing problems.

Dr. Sharon Reuben, Nephrologist, said, “The number one cause of kidney disease in Americans is diabetes. And diabetes is traditionally type 2 diabetes associated with really high carbohydrate diet. Patients have gained a lot of weight because of not restricting their carbs, not restricting their calories.”

So changing your diet can help improve your health, especially for those with chronic kidney disease.

“We always suggest eating a very balanced diet which is high in fiber ad high in natural foods like vegetables and fruits.”

When the diet is too high in protein, that can be a problem for the kidneys.

Dr. Ian Kaiser, Nephrologist, said, “So eating too much meat, especially red meat is bad for kidney especially regards the kidney stone formation. Eating a lot of meat causes the kidney to become more acidic and in more acidic urine you can have more stone formation.”

Recommendations include drinking plenty of water and avoiding soft drinks. Citrus fruits are especially good, and some meat. Think chicken and pork in moderation.

“The keto diet is really really high in meat in general and in red meat so you could definitely have uric acid stones and calc stones if you eat too much red meat.”

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