Freeman Medical Focus — Hyperbaric Chamber


JOPLIN, Mo. — Treatment in a hyperbaric chamber radically changes the amount of oxygen a patient is breathing.

And that can significantly boost the healing process.

Delmar Hampton, Patient, said, “Radiation aftermath, I have lots of, lots of problems with my lower extremities.”

Treatment over cancer concerns had left patient Delmar Hampton with a long list of issues.

But he’s starting to regain some of that lost ground.

“I’ve getting my energy back that I had lost, I can walk quite a bit farther than I could before without having to sit down and rest a spell.”

And that’s less than halfway through his treatment regimen.

Delmar is spending time in a hyperbaric chamber.

Dr. Joseph Newman, Wound Care, said, “Hyperbaric medicine by definition is just treating a patient with pressure that’s greater than atmospheric pressure.”

It adds more oxygen to the blood for patients who don’t have enough to heal their wounds.

“That’s the most important principal that has to occur for a wound to heal. If there isn’t an adequate blood supply, it will never heal.”

The hyperbaric chamber most commonly helps diabetic patients where poor circulation is causing problems, and those recovering from radiation like Delmar Hampton.

“A healing process, whatever it takes to get halfway back to normal again,” said Hampton.

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