Freeman Medical Focus: Holiday Crashes


The holiday season means a lot of shopping, wrapping and parties. But it can also lead to more cars on the road – and a corresponding uptick in accidents.

“Distracted driving certainly is a contributing factor to the number of persons we see in an emergency room and trauma center, continues to grow exponentially every year,” says Bob Denton, Freeman ER.

It’s a trend folks in the ER would like to see reversed. Putting down your cell phone on the road is a good start.

“When people are using the phone and traveling at a high rate of speed, they are using the phone and texting, they’re certainly often traveling at highway speeds or high rate of speed. The amount of time it takes to actually read a text is about five seconds on average and you can travel the length of a football field in that five seconds at 55 mph,” says Bob Denton.

It can lead to a wide variety of crashes and potential injuries. But buckling up can help reduce the risks.

“Obviously you’re more likely to be injured when you’re not restrained appropriately within the confines of the vehicle. One thing you’re more likely to impact objects within the vehicle but also you’re more likely to be thrown from the vehicle which certainly puts you at high risk,” says Denton.

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