Freeman Medical Focus — Heart Disease


JOPLIN, Mo. — It’s estimated one out of every four deaths is caused by heart disease. So we’re kicking off a series of stories for American Heart Month with a way to see if you’re at risk.

Dr. Ryan Longnecker, Interventional Cardiologist: “There is a Freeman service on the website – and you can actually do a cardiovascular risk assessment. And basically they plug various variables into that including age, other medical problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, family history, smoking history and all those.”

It uses factors like age, medical problems, and family history to evaluate your risk of heart issues.

“Certainly if that risk is high enough you want to talk with your doctor and say, ‘Hey do I need a stress test right now or do I need more than that?”

Important questions to ask, because local health trends have often ranked high in risk factors.

“Our obesity rate is through the roof and that’s – more than 20% of our patients are considered obese, our smoking rate is through the roof. Again these are older stats from back then more than 20% of our population smokes, the national average is about 18% give or take.”

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