Freeman Medical Focus – Health professionals suggest quitting vaping as a New Year’s resolution.


Quitting smoking is a top New Year’s resolution, and breaking the habit of vaping is also popular.

Beth Garrett, Pediatrician, said, “It was initially thought to be a safe alternative to cigarette smoke, which we all know is dangerous. Um and it was initially thought to be a way to get away from cigarette smoking. But we’re learning expecially recently with the vaping associated lung injury that vaping is not safe.”

Freeman pediatrician Beth Garrett points especially to the growing trend of vaping among teens.

“Because of the fruit flavors, mint flavor – um and the easy access to products. The other issue is the nicotine – the effect that the young people get is much stronger with the vape products than it is with traditional cigarettes.”

Garrett says that young users become addicted much faster.

“Every time you take a hit off of a juul or a vape device or a cigarette, you get that little spike of dopamine. The more frequent the spike, the more addictive the process. The kids become addicted very quickly.”

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