Freeman Medical Focus: Halloween


There’s just five days to go to one of the biggest candy days of the year. But parents might want to set a few rules before trick or treaters head down the block.

“If there’s any open candy, don’t eat it,” says Dr. Laura Henness, Pediatrician.

Just one of the many things to keep in mind for a safe Halloween. Candy is a given, but parents should monitor what young trick or treaters eat.

“We always have an alternative for the little kids – tend to get the little crackers and things that are safe. They don’t get the little candies the little round things that can get caught in the throat uh anything that’s really difficult to chew obviously you don’t want to give to young kids under the age of one and a half to two,” says Dr. Laura Henness.

And of course there’s the inevitable sugar high.

“It would be great if we could pace and limit – it’s difficult even as adults we have a hard time limiting candy but spread it out. And it’s not all about candy. If you’re buying stuff, the kids don’t always want candy. Buy little chips and pretzels or little fish,” says Dr. Henness.

And consider bringing hand sanitizer to keep little ghouls and goblins from passing around germs, something Halloween night can complicate.

“Illness naturally goes up around November first. So it’s just a good idea to keep the hands clean,” says Dr. Henness.

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