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JOPLIN, Mo. — You’ve probably heard about growing pains – but what health issues does that really address?

Dr. Beth Garrett, Pediatrician, said, “Growing pains have been around for a long time – but growing doesn’t cause pain. They’re just called growing pains because of the time in life when kids experience growing pains.”

Pediatrician Dr. Beth Garrett says they most often happen between the ages of three and ten.

“And it should be in certain areas of the body like the calf muscles, behind the knees, the interior thighs – it should go away with massage, warm bath, some Tylenol and ibuprofen. Sometimes it will wake kids up at night.”

So called growing pains often happen after a very active day.

“Thought to be a couple of different causes, think overuse. Think how hard kids in those ages groups are running and playing every day. Another thought is they’re hypermobile at those ages. And then they lay down – it’s quiet. There’s nothing to distract them. Oh, my legs hurt.”

Dr. Garrett says it’s a good idea to monitory activity levels.

On active days, consider a warm bath, massage, and medication before bedtime to prevent the next round of pains.

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