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JOPLIN, Mo. — Students who have an interest in the medical field are getting a unique opportunity through a program at Freeman Health System.

Many wonder if they could make it in the medical field.

Well, a select group of students in the four state area are getting that chance through Freeman Health System’s Futures Program.

Tara Horinek, Freeman Health System Volunteer Services Program Manager, said, “They are on the floor they are in the various departments throughout the hospital. They will get to follow around nurses, tacts, doctors, and actually get to see what goes on a nursing unit during a regular shift.” students can sign up to observe in the cath lab we spend a day over at KCU campus and they get to do simulations, tour the campus.”

In the program, students are given a 2 day orientation before starting the 8 week program.

Shifts are 4 hours each and you can volunteer as much as you want.

“We do this program to show how invested we our in our community here. How our
nurses are taking the time to work with these students. We are helping develop the next generation of doctors and nurses.”

Students can also become eligible for a scholarship.

“During their 8 weeks if they volunteer at least 100 hours and we have optional lunch and learns they can write an essay and apply for a chane to win a $500 college scholarship. Hopefully they will have such a good expereinece here with Freeman that one they are done they’ll consider coming right back here to work at Freeman in the future.”

Only about 35 students are selected each 8 week period.

To become a futures program participant they are some qualifications.

“The age requirements our age 16 entering your junior year of high school on up to college students anybody that after they meet that age of 16 they can apply.”

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