Freeman Medical Focus — Firework Safety


JOPLIN, Mo. — With the 4th of July just a couple of days away, you’re probably seeing and hearing more and more fireworks.

In most cases, it’s a good way to celebrate – but it also sends plenty of patients to the emergency room.

Matthew Grounds, ER Physician, said, “So we see all kinds of injuries from sparkler injuries to the blast ones which are the worst. Our bread and butter this time of year would be our sparkler injuries – about 25% of what we see as far as sparkler injuries.”

Which are often confined to a small area – but that doesn’t mean they’re not bad.

“They burn at 2000 degrees farenheit – so it’s quite an intense burn you can receive from a sparkler. Some of these burns are quite deep that are not readily seen right off the bat – can actually continue to burn into the tissues can be an issue that way.”

There are also blast injuries, which can cause damage to your eyes or ears… or even internal organs.

“Blast injuries usually occur from inappropriate use of fireworks and so it’s appropriate, when they’re appropriately used they’re still dangerous. They can cause limb amputations, can take out an eye. So it’s things you need to be quite mindful of.”

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