Freeman Medical Focus: Ear, Nose & Throat Specialties


While many health complaints can be treated by your family physician, sometimes you need to go to a specialist for a permanent fix.

“There’s so many things you can do to help people in this area,” Ear, Nose, & Throat Specialist Dr. Hallie Baker explained. “And even if it’s something as simple as a skin lesion or treating someone for chronic sinus issues – eventually some of those people need surgery for their complaints. So, I like this field because we can physically do things that make an effect on people’s lives.”

An ear, nose and throat specialist deals with patients ranging from the very young, to those who are more elderly.

“We see people from all age groups: Two days old to 95 years old and more; so there’s no age limit,” Baker added.

Common procedures can be minor or more significant, things like placing ear tubes.

“And tonsillectomy, thyroid surgery, sinus surgery, and tympanoplasty, which is a big thing that I do–fixing holes in ear drums,” Baker explained.

Advances in technology are giving ENT’s more options and patients better health.

“Robotic surgery, it’s been in the market but becoming more and more popular,” said Baker.

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