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JOPLIN, Mo. — You may be used to think of drug testing focusing on a urine test or hair sample. But a growing number of companies are now using a saliva test.

Stephen Rose, Occumed, said, “I feel like it is a lot easier process than having to go through like a hair or urine drug screen. It is a little salty tasting – not the best tasting thing in the world.

Using an oral swab for drug testing has several benefits.

Dr. Stephen Williamson, Occumed, said, “It has less, it’s less labor intensive The testing is less likely to be corrupted by cheating. It doesn’t involve handling icky body samples, saliva’s objectionable enough.”

The oral swab tests for the same substances as the other methods and the results are fast. It can even show levels more quickly than a urine sample.

“Can be used for evaluation of somebody who may have current symptoms of impairment, it will show the results pretty quick after somebody has ingested the toxin.”

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