Freeman Medical Focus: Dialysis


It’s estimated as many as 30 million Americans have chronic kidney disease, although many patients with an early stage diagnosis don’t yet know it.

Tammy Beaver is the nurse coordinator for Freeman Kidney Care. “Kidney disease happens when patients have high blood pressure or high blood sugar for long term. When they have that diagnosis, it goes to the blood vessels of the kidneys are damaged, and so with that damage they’re usually told they have to start dialysis.”

That’s generally three times a week.
According to Beaver, “They’re here anywhere from 3 – 5 hours and they are hooked up to a machine and this machine which has a dialyzer, which acts as their artificial kidney. And that’s was cleans waste products from their blood and removes fluid from their body.”
Which means they’ll feel better.

But the frequent treatment can take a toll in other ways.
Beaver added, “Since they are here so many hours throughout the week, the majority of our patients are no longer able to work and so therefore they need a little bit of extra financial assistance with food and gas to come to treatment.” 
So there’s a fundraiser to help.
The March O the Kidney will be held at Northpark Mall this Saturday morning, March 9th, at 8:00 a.m.

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