Freeman Medical Focus: Diabetic Foot Care


Perhaps one of the most overlooked parts of the body when it comes to care is the foot. That’s especially true for those with diabetes.

“If you have diabetes, even a small cut or a blister can turn into an infection or serious complication quickly,” says Holly Toney.

Freeman diabetic nurse educator Holly Toney says due to high blood sugars, poor blood flow, and nerve damage called neuropathy can set in which causes numbness and tingling in the foot.

“We alway say an annual exam by your healthcare provider or physician is very important so they can look at your feet and make sure you’ve got healthy feet. But also every day we tell patients, we look for cuts, scrapes, blisters any reddened areas, ingrown toenails,” says Toney.

Experts recommend washing your feet everyday and keeping them dry. It is also important to avoid going barefoot and always wear hard soled shoes. There are also special diabetic socks and shoes than can be covered by Medicaid.

“With those shoes they can make molds of your feet and make sure that those shoes are made to fit you perfectly so that your shoes aren’t rubbing on your feet in an area that can cause skin breakdown,” says Toney.

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