Freeman Medical Focus: Diabetes Education


JOPLIN, Mo.–It’s estimated more than 30 million Americans have diabetes – and another 84 million have pre-diabetes.

“I think it is probably an excellent time of year to remember the basics of what we want people to do, which is stay with moderation on diet, continue to check your blood sugar,” explained diabetes educator Susan Pittman. :Even with the holidays coming up, sometimes we think, ‘Oh, let’s take the month off.’ We don’t want people to take the month off.”

Especially with the rich foods that come with Thanksgiving and Christmas.

“Enjoy the holidays in moderation. But go ahead and check your blood sugar–use it as a learning opportunity,” Pittman added. “If blood sugars tend to run higher than expected, go ahead and make your doctor aware of that or on your own, make some self adjustments in maybe just cutting back a little on those portion sizes of those foods we know we shouldn’t over indulge in.”

And even if you aren’t diabetic, it’s a good idea to keep tabs on your health and watch out for the warning signs.

“Not having the energy level that we used to have, having more frequent urination, having sores that may not heal well,” said Pittman.

It could be a sign to call your doctor.

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