Freeman Medical Focus — Covid-19 and the heart


JOPLIN, Mo. — Some patients who have recovered from covid-19 may still need to watch out for other health problems, and specifically heart issues.

Dr. Frank S. Kim, Cardiology, said, “The covid-19 and effect on the heart, we’re learning more and more about this on almost a daily basis but what we’ve learned so far is that is a direct impact on the heart.”

Issues can include inflammation and an increased risk of heart failure. In many cases, the worse the covid-19 symptoms, the higher the risk of ongoing issues.

“Patients who are not hospitalized, really didn’t have much of the symptoms, meaning shortness of breath, chest pains, dizzy spells. Also they haven’t had much impact on their respiratory system either – those patients approximately 6 – 7 days after being completely asymptomatic, those patients are able to go back to exercise in a phased manner.”

But patients with extreme cases should take extra time.

“The European guidelines are do not exercise for up to 3 – 6 months.”

You may need an echocardiogram or even a cardiac MRI for a diagnosis.

“But this is not the time to really push yourself – you could really do harm.”

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