Freeman Medical Focus – Cirrhosis


JOPLIN, Mo. — You probably already know that years of heavy alcohol use can lead to liver damage.

But there are also other causes that can lead to cirrhosis.

Dr. David Seidl, Gastroenterologist, said, “Cirrhosis is just a term that means complications of a multitude of liver diseases. We get progressive scarring of the liver. Alcohol is certainly one of reasons and it takes years of chronic alcohol abuse to cause cirrhosis or destroy your liver but there are a lot of other causes.”

That includes Hepatitis C.

“A chronic viral infection which is caused by using needles in the US, one time use is a 30 percent chance – methamphetamine use, homemade tattoos. Tattoos are very much in vogue so Hepatitis C is out there.”

And then there’s the top liver disease.

“As Hepatitis C is now curable 100% of the time is what we call fatty liver, or non-alcoholic hepatitis. It’s usually a metabolic syndrome you see with diabetes, people who are overweight and have high cholesterol/high triglycerides – you’ve got this whole metabolic syndrome.”

You can help prevent or even reverse early liver scarring by limiting alcohol, controlling your diabetes, and losing weight.

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