Freeman Medical Focus — Child Abuse Prevention Month


JOPLIN, Mo — April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month – a chance to highlight the issue and spread awareness of how you can help.

Dr. Laura Henness, Pediatrician, said, “The concerns are because the kids aren’t in school- a lot of our mandated reporters which include teachers, day care workers, the Y after school program, the Boys & Girls Club after school program aren’t doing their reporting.”

Statewide child abuse reports are down 50%, which could mean less abuse.

“But it could also be that we’re not having the reports generated right now. So there are some concerns. Plus there’s significant stress right now. We’re worried about the coronavirus.”

Also financial worries and even stress from having the kids home all the time.

“Child abuse can be from multiple different ends. It can be physical abuse, it can be emotional abuse, it can be sexual abuse – it can be neglect.”

Anyone can report child abuse – you can even call the hotline anonymously.

“That’s the most important thing you can do – if you have concerns call.”

Hotline numbers include 800 – 4-A-CHILD and 800-CHILDREN.

With Freeman medical Focus, I’m Gretchen Bolander.

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