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JOPLIN, Mo. — When the diagnosis is cancer, patients often face chemotherapy, radiation and a range of side effects.

But some patients can handle a concentrated treatment with better outcomes.

Hillary Shadwick, Cancer Patient, said, “I actually did a self exam back in November and found something that didn’t feel right.”

The diagnosis was stage 2 breast cancer with lymph node involvement.

Hillary Shadwick chose a double mastectomy due to an extensive family history.

“I did want a more aggressive approach because I want to be here for my son.”

She’s now undergoing chemotherapy, but it’s not the standard approach.

Dr. Amir Anis, Oncologist, said, “A lot of regimens are every 3 weeks but she had been receiving a dose dense regimen which is once every two weeks.”

Hillary admits she doesn’t take the concentrated chemo drugs lightly.

“The name is red devil so it looks a little scary. it’s bright red going in but I felt like I’m in his capable hands,” said Shadwick.

“There Are some people that experience significant problems but she has done extremely well,” said Anis.

Advances in breast cancer treatment make the dose dense regimen possible.

But it’s not for everyone, doctors must evaluate the concerns specific to the case and younger patients typically handle it better.

Which has been the case for Hillary Shadwick.

“It’s really been, compared to what other people have experience, it’s been amazing for me,” said Shadwick.

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