Freeman Medical Focus — Bladder Issues


JOPLIN, Mo. — Bladder issues can be embarrassing for a patient – but there are a range of options to improve symptoms.

Ashley Southern-DeVoe, Urology Nurse Practitioner, said, “Overactive bladder, frequent urinary tract infection. In men, it can be an enlarging prostate.”

They can lead to bladder issues. Treatment options can start with changing fluid intake or a prescription.

“They do come with their set of side effects – dry mouth, constipation can be caused by medication so we try to use those sparingly. But there are several to choose from. Essentially they kind of relax the bladder so you don’t feel the urge to go as often and tighten up the bladder muscles.”

A physical therapist can also help work on your pelvic floor.

Cortney Mayberry, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, said, “Kind of the base of your core – your urinary tract and bowel tract ends there. And it’s responsible for supporting those lower organs and keeping from having accidents.”

Biofeedback is another option. The goal of the treatment will depend on the individual patient’s diagnosis.

“Some patients it’s working on big strength, others it’s holding – other people it’s learning how to relax in between those.”

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