JOPLIN, Mo — Weight loss surgery isn’t for everyone.

And a patient who is a good fit has to make sure they’re ready for the procedure, both mentally and physically.

Janice Drake, Bariatric Program, said, “We saw a girl last week and she had lost 130 pounds in 6 months. And she was elated.”

And that’s what Janice Drake likes about working with bariatric patients.

That starts with identifying any medical problems.

“Do you have diabetes, hypertension, joint problems, back problems. Sleep apnea is a big one.”
And the right surgery can help.

Losing weight can mean a smaller neck diameter.

“That could solve the problem of having sleep apnea. And just as you are losing weight and eating healthier, your blood glucose gets better. Of course your heart’s not working as hard.”

There are three surgical options.

“The lap band, they go in and put a little band around the stomach and it is a removable thing. So it’s not permanent. The gastric sleeve and the gastric bypass – you go in and take part of the stomach out with the gastric sleeve. With the gastric bypass, it’s a little more detailed – you are going in and rerouting some of the intestines.”

You can find out more through a seminar at the Freeman Business Center June 9th at 5:30.

With Freeman Medical Focus, I’m Gretchen Bolander.

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