Freeman Medical Focus – A new gel improve prostate cancer treatment


JOPLIN, Mo. — Radiation treatment for prostate cancer can last for months, taking a toll on the body.

But a new gel option can shorten the process and minimize the impact.

Fredrick Ferguson, Cancer Patient, said, “I think it was the best thing in the world I could do.”

Neosho patient Fredrick Ferguson can’t say enough about his treatment for prostate cancer.

“Less time, less trouble – 28 treatments is much better than 45.”

The difference is a gel treatment that helps to focus radiation therapy, keeping treatment where it’s needed and protecting nearby tissue.

Dr. Chance Matthiesen, Freeman Cancer Institute, said, “What the space gel does, it creates space between the prostate gland and the rectum.”

It’s an outpatient procedure that takes just 10 minutes.

“It does not require surgery. The patients often require just a little bit of minimal sedation. It’s one needle, and they go home the same day, the gel is only in body for 6 months, and it’s completely reabsorbed. There’s no lasting effects.”

That buffer zone allows for stronger doses of radiation, leading to a shorter treatment period and fewer side effects.

Fredrick Ferguson saw that firsthand, comparing his case with a friend with the same diagnosis.

“He suffered terribly from incontinence, and both bowel and bladder. And mine have been minimal.”

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