Freeman is hosting a free sports physical night for athletes in the area


JOPLIN, MO – It will be time to head back to school in just a few weeks. And for young athletes, that means it’s time to get a physical.

“It’s important to have a physical so that we can review any baseline medical problems that the athlete may or may not have review proper hydration techniques how to warm up appropriately, and just make sure that they’re overall ready to start participation in sports.” Says Dr. Thomas Sanders, Sports Med.

Common sports related injuries start with a diagnosis like tendinitis.

“In certain situations more serious injuries like ligament tears or meniscus tears any. So it allows us to review the history to ask that patient if they’ve ever had an injury before, so we can kind of adapt things to make them more safe.” Says Dr. Sanders.

It’s basically a full body exam.

“We look at every joint to make sure that there’s no major abnormalities we test strength, nerve function so we make sure that that athlete is physically ready for sports.” Says Dr. Sanders.

Freeman will host free sports physicals at the Joplin High School gym next week.

Monday July 26th at 6:00 pm will focus on students from Joplin, Thomas Jefferson, College Heights, Carl Junction, McDonald Co, East Newton, Seneca, and Riverton.

Tuesday July 27th at 6:00 pm is reserved for Joplin, Baxter Springs, Diamond, Webb City, Neosho, Columbus, Crowder College, Ozark Christian College, and children of Freeman Employees.

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