Freeman Health System gives briefing on neurological issues in long-term COVID-19 patients


JOPLIN, Mo. — By now, you’ve surely heard about the many symptoms of COVID-19. High temperature — coughing — loss of smell or taste — or both. Well, many long-term COVID patients are experiencing brain issues.

According to a neurologist with Freeman Health System, that can be a myriad of things. Brain fog, memory loss, painful migraines. The symptoms can persist for weeks or months after other issues subside.

“Some patients ask us – is the virus in my brain? So again the broader answer is no. It’s usually, the neurologic symptoms from COVID do not happen because the virus enters the brain. It happens because of the inflammatory response of the body,” said Dr. Gulshan Uppal, Freeman Neurologist.

Researchers at the National Institutes of Health are tracking neurological symptoms, sometimes referred to as “Neuro-COVID.”

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