Freeman Health System program lets future nurse technicians make money while receiving an education


JOPLIN, Mo. — A program offered by Freeman Health System allows future nurse technicians to make money while receiving their education.

Kalia Barrera always wanted to work in a field where she could help people. Coming from a family of nurses, it’s in her blood. The unlicensed assistive personnel or UAP program from Freeman Health System is here to connect her to that opportunity.

Kalia Barrera, Future Nurse Technician, said, “So the program, you have to complete 75 hours and then you have to complete 100 on the floor with a preceptor. So, together a 175 hours.”

In this program she’ll learn all the skills needed to become a nurse technician, from policies to procedures.

This program is also available to current workers that want to freshen up on their skill set. Like Samantha Zebert, who has been working in the cardiac medical unit.

Samantha Zebert, Nurse Technician, Freeman Health System, said, “Human resources they told me that because my license had expired, I was going to go through the UAP program. Which I was glad because it was a refresher for me since I hadn’t done it in a while.”

Not only does this program give student real life experience.

Kelli Blanton, UAP Coordinator, said, “We can teach them exactly what they need to learn to go to work here at Freeman.”

It’s also filling a growing need for CNAs.

Taylor Gravett, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Freeman Health System, said, “Anytime that we can train our own people in house and allow them to go about to do the work they need to do is always the best way to do it. So that way we know they’re being taught and trained in the best way possible.”

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