Freeman Health System Ozark Center celebrates opening of new facility


JOPLIN, Mo. — The Freeman Health System Ozark Center held a ribbon cutting for the first urgent care mental and behavioral health facility in the area.

Vicky Mieseler, Chief Administrative Office, Ozark Center, said, “So what’s different about this facility and choosing an emergency room to get your emergency behavioral health needs met is that this facility is designed specifically for people with behavioral health issues. And there’s a huge focus on people with behavioral health issues. So you’re the people we want you’re very welcome here. And the facility and the different equipment, the chairs, the wall art, the lighting, is all designed for a trauma informed approach that make people feel very very comfortable”

The urgent care mental and behavioral center specializes in depression, eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, covid-19 support, service for veterans and many other illnesses.

Paula Baker President & CEO of Freeman Health System, said, “There are always an issue but during the pandemic of course that has been magnified so very very important that people in our local communities have access to this service where they came come to get counseling they can come get prescriptions refilled. They can get the help they need in a very timely fashion.”

The facility provides access to holistic, trauma-informed care when you need it most and that includes mental health providers as well as primary care providers, case managers and certified peer specialists

“When a person with a behavioral health needs go to a emergency room, they are not the highest priority patient in the waiting room because the emergency room is designed to meet the needs of medical urgent medical needs. So, often times they’re waiting in the emergency room for a long period of time while other issues are being met that are critical. So, this facility is really designed to make a person with behavioral health needs very comfortable and feel very welcomed,” said, Mieseler.

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