Freeman Health System OB-GYN explains how pregnant women are affected from the COVID vaccine


JOPLIN, MO – A local OB-GYN shares some insight about any concerns around pregnant women getting vaccinated for COVID-19.

Freeman Health System’s Dr. Angela Langer says people call her office every day wondering if it’s okay to get the COVID-19 vaccine if they are pregnant, planning to be pregnant, or lactating.

Dr. Langer is adamant that the COVID-19 vaccine does not cause infertility.

There had been some concerns at first, due to a certain spike protein created by the vaccine, but that protein has been proven not to affect fertility.

Dr. Langer also explains pregnancy could lead to higher risk of severe COVID illness, pregnant women are 2:3 times more likely to be hospitalized if they get COVID.

And, they’re twice as likely to be intubated or require life saving procedures.

“You know the vaccine is overall safe when they’re actually doing studies on pregnancy patients. Because typically if we’re not certain, we won’t even enroll pregnant patients in them, much less children. So, we are doing that, so I think that says a lot for the safety.” Says Dr. Langer.

Early data is showing, people who are “pregnant vaccinated” compared to “pregnant unvaccinated” have the same rates of miscarriages or adverse outcomes.

Due to the latest findings, Freeman Health System is recommending vaccination for anyone who is pregnant, at any time during the pregnancy.

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