Freeman Health System holds ribbon cutting for renovated cath lab


JOPLIN, Mo. — A part of the Freeman Heart and Vascular Institute undergoes a major renovation and upgrades.

A ribbon cutting was held today to recognize the renovation to one of four catheterization labs.

A state of the art lab machine called the GE Innova was installed, which cost more than a million dollars.

Other improvements include: Duct and ceiling work that accommodates equipment such as ceiling-hung zero-gravity lead shields, installing of medical gas connections and anesthesia tubing in the ceiling, a new HVAC system, and new flooring that is engineered for clinical settings without cracks to help in sterilization.

Dr. Robert Stauffer, Freeman Interventional Cardiologist, said, “It’s just like iPhones and everything else in technology, the newest and the latest you can see better, its quicker, you can analyze things on a whole different higher level.”

Paula Baker, President & CEO Freeman Health System, said, “The incident of cardiac disease is very high in our area, so, adding this fourth cath lab allows us to provide very timely, life saving treatment to patients when they need it urgently.”

The renovated lab is one of four used by Freeman Health System’s eight cardiovascular physicians.

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