Freeman Health System advises women to get early breast cancer screenings


JOPLIN, Mo. — As we head into breast cancer awareness month, a local hospital is reminding women about the importance of screenings and early detection

In a kick-off event today, Freeman Health System highlighted just how important early detection can be for breast cancer patients.

“If you notice a change that lasts for a month or two, then that’s something you should bring to your doctors attention, and we would be happy to see you here,” said Dr. Alan Buchele – Director of the Freeman Health System Breast Center.

Statistics show one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, and, in the US, one woman gets diagnosed with breast cancer every two minutes.

Ruth Anderson of Columbus is one of those women.

“In November of 2020 I had a mammogram and it came back with an area that they were concerned about, and so, and then I had, after that I went in and had another mammogram to check,” said Ruth Anderson – Breast Cancer Survivor.

After many tests and M.R.I’s, Anderson found that she had breast cancer.

Something Freeman Health System Dr. Adam Buchele says all women should get checked for regularly.

“We recommend here that your index mammogram, if you have no symptoms, be about age 40. So, depending on how old you are, 40 is pretty young in my opinion, and so for 40 year old’s is when we begin screening mammograms,” said Dr. Buchele

Although there’s never a good time to get bad news, Dr. Buchele says that shouldn’t be a reason to hesitate coming in and getting checked.

“There’s never a great time to get bad news, there’s never a great time to be sick, there’s never a time you want to get bad news, so sometimes people don’t come in because they’re afraid of what they might find,” said Dr. Buchele.

And Anderson couldn’t agree more.

“There’s no reason not to, so I was very thankful I did, because if I had not, if I let it go it might have gotten bigger and might have taken my life. Who knows,” said Anderson.

Freeman Health System is also raising awareness in other ways.

Special edition “Erimish” breast cancer bracelets will be sold in the Pink Door Boutique inside the Wes and Jan Houser Women’s Pavilion to benefit Breast Cancer Foundation Of The Ozarks.

The boutique is also selling special shirts with a message called, “where hope grows, love blossoms.”

A portion of the funds goes towards the “Helping Friends Mammogram Fund.”

That provides financial assistance to help women get the screenings they need, and it provides many breast cancer patients with post-surgical camisoles.

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