Freeman Health offers assistance for National Heath Care Decisions Day


Hospitals all over the country give visitors the chance to make some difficult decisions instead of making someone else do that.

It’s been said that there’s only two things certain in life, death and taxes, and with Tax Day now behind us, the Freeman Health System is offering its assistance in planning for the other.

It’s all part of the annual National Healthcare Decisions Day.

Megan Spiering, an R.N. and Freeman Palliative Care Coordinator, says, “It appoints a person that you trust to make healthcare decisions for you if you’re ever in a case where you can’t make those decisions, whether it’s after anesthesia from a planned surgery, whether it’s a car accident rendering you unconscious or even if you have a serious health issue that requires you to be in a spot where you can’t speak for yourself.”

Mike Hessee took time out of his day to make these types of decisions while he still can. He says, “My health’s getting bad and I wanted that took care of in case I’m incapacitated or something.”

Doyle Hoth, a Hospice Social Worker and Notary Public, says, “Sometimes people resist it because they think they’re giving away control, but actually you’re gaining it. You’re saying this is what I want have happen at this time, so anytime is a good time to do it. We never know when it’s going to be needed.”

Spiering adds, “Do not lock them away where no one can get to them. Everyone that you want needs to have a copy, especially your durable power of attorney, and I recommend going ahead and giving it to the hospitals so we can get it scanned and into our electronic system and that way if you’re brought in in an emergency case, it’s already on your file and we know who to contact.”

Even if you missed the event Tuesday, you can come go to Freeman Health System anytime during regular business hours and ask for one of the forms and fill it out.

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