Freeman employees talk healthy lifestyles


JOPLIN, Mo. — Some people need the support of a friend, family member or co-worker to stay on track with living a healthy lifestyle.

That’s the purpose of the Work At Health program.

Members of that organization spoke in Joplin at the Freeman Business Center.

The Freeman Health System received training on how to share the knowledge they gained today with their co-workers.

The accountability factor plays a huge roll in the success of the program.

Kris Drake, R.N., Freeman Health System Wellness Coordinator, said, “We know that if somebody’s counting on us we’re less likely to say, ‘Oh it’s cold, I don’t want to go out there,’ and in the case of having somebody else out there with you, you’re gonna go because you’ve committed yourself to somebody else so it definitely team challenges, department challenges all are fun ways to get people motivated.”

The program was created by the Centers For Disease Control.

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