Free speech lawsuit catching the attention of PSU


PITTSBURG, Ks. — The U.S. Justice Department is weighing in on a federal campus free speech lawsuit.

Seth George, PSU Student Government President, said, “When you are on a college campus you always want students voices to be heard and acknowleged.”

The U.S. Department of Justice is taking an interest in free speech on college campuses filing a statement of interest in a federal lawsuit in Mississippi.

Steve Erwin, PSU Vice President of Student Life, said, “As a public institution we have a responsibility to facilitate freedom of expression, free speech.”

The case says a student’s rights were violated when he tried to exercise free speech.

“We dont really know the totality of the circumstances of what happened there or what’s being alleged.”

The DOJ says public colleges cannot trample on their students’ first amendement rights to freedom of speech.

“You as an individual have a right to freedom of speech and to come together as a group and share that opinion with different people,” said George.

“You always hate to see a campus at odds on these issues because sometimes you can stumble into them accidentally without intending to infringe on free speech rights,” said Erwin.

Administration and students at Pittsburg State University say they’ve been watching this case closely.

“We are told to empower students, to make a positive impact on their environment in any way they see fit,” said George.

George says PSU’s students and administration have a great relationship when it comes to students expressing their differences of beliefs, political stances, and ideologies.

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