JOPLIN, Mo. — There’s new tech at Franklin Tech in Joplin. It was all unveiled this week.

FTC has a new simulation lab. Meaning — among other things — students are now able to practice real-life scenarios on a life-like mannequin.

“We want the students to gain confidence and clinical judgement skills,” said Katie Bozarth, FTC Practical Nursing Coordinator.

Nursing students at Franklin Technology Center are getting hands-on experience with a new simulation mannequin and simulation lab.

“Its nice that it is a little more lifelike. It can do the things that an actual patient may do. It breaths you can hear a heartbeat and it groans. Many of the things an actual patient may do so it adds some realism to it,” said Bryan Greenwood, Practical Nursing Student.

Students can perform CPR, practice inserting IV’s, listen to the heart, lungs, and interact with the patient.

“It does add a little bit of suspense to it. You don’t know exactly what’s going to happen. But we are trained to do it so we can act accordingly,” said Greenwood.

The simulation lab and mannequin cost $50,000. The instructor sits behind the two way mirror and manipulates the mannequin so students can have real life responses.

“This is a safe environment for students to learn. If the student makes a mistake this is a great opportunity for us to show them a different way of doing things that’s a safe environment,” said Bozarth.

The simulation lab and mannequin were paid for through a grant form the cares act for higher education emergency relief fund. All FTC medical students will be able to use the lab.