Customers at Fourth Street Bowl in Joplin say their bowling game has improved in the last two months.

Knocking down the pins at Fourth Street Bowl in Joplin has been a lot less smokey for the last couple of months

“They’ve had smoking ever since I started,” explained bowler Sue Beckham.

That is, until about two months ago when customers had to stop lighting up inside the business.

Beckham has been bowling at Fourth Street Bowl for over 40 years 

“And I’ve been using an inhaler to help me breath,” Beckham added.


“I don’t have to do that,” said Beckham.

Other customers who used to smoke think it’s for the best. 

” I’ve really enjoyed it and again, I sympathize with the smokers,” explained customer Ted Prater. “I smoked for almost 30 years, I quit almost thirty years ago, so I know where they’re coming from but this is more pleasant.”

Fourth Street Bowl has allowed smoking in the facility since it opened in the early 40’s.

So the change was big, but…

“Awesome, we’re getting overwhelming response, a lot of thank-you’s. I mean, business is up family wise,” said Dennis Buck with Fourth Street Bowl. 

And it’s caused for less gutter balls.

Action 12’s Austin Hyslip: So your bowling is a little bit better now?

Prater: Actually it is, but I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. But I’m actually bowling a lot better than I was.

And the staff is happy to go with one less smell lingering in the air.

“It’s actually nice not leaving work smelling like smoke,” Buck explained.   

They’ve completely eliminated any kind of smoke inside the building, including electronic cigarettes.