Four States teachers are taking a new approach to teaching


While many students across the Four States had the day off of school, principals and teachers were busy learning instead of teaching.

These staff members are pushing for technology use in their schools. Many consider social media a distraction in the classroom, but these teachers are learning to use it as a leadership tool.

In Pittsburg, several dozen principals representing pre-K to high school, were getting a different look at teaching with technology. In recent years a new trend has emerged in pre-K through 12 classrooms that just a decade ago, would sound absurd.

“Our students start out at kindergarten all the way through pre-K with some level of technology,” says Courtney McCartney.

Teachers asking students to pull out their phones and tablets instead of putting them away when class starts.

“I think a lot of it is not to be scared of using technology and social media. You can use it to do some great things to highlight what you’re kids and staff are doing in the school,” says Courtney McCartney.

While many school districts have technology available, the difficulty for many comes with properly incorporating it into lessons and leadership.

“We want to make sure that we have an environment where kids can effectively learn, but also that we have leaders who effectively knowing what’s happening in those classrooms,” says Steve Anderson.

More than 50 principals and teachers from schools across the region came to Pitt State for an educational technology leadership conference.

“That technology should be truly transformational, it should transform the way that students are learning, so how can they look for that? And then how can they have conversations among themselves and among other teachers to better understand how teachers are using technology to help drive them forward,” says Steve Anderson.

Many teachers finding technology to not only provide information, but inspire students to create it.

“I also think it’s really important too that we are getting that technology in our kids hands to create, not just to be on it to do a worksheet but to definitely get our kids creating,” says Courtney McCartney.

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