MISSOURI — Many Missouri School Districts have struggled with finding enough teachers and bus drivers to be fully staffed, but there’s also a growing need for more school counselors. According to the website CharlieHealth.com, Missouri has 325 students for each counselor.

With more than 882,000 students in the state—that adds up to about 2,700 counselors. But education leaders say it’s not enough.

“And so in comparison, counselors used to be in abundance. There are a little over 500 schools. Many of our schools have more than one counselor but right now there to over 250 counselors that aren’t even filled within our state,” said Melissa Massey.

The balance of students to counselors is even more lopsided in the rest of the Four States. Arkansas is at 361 students per counselor. Kansas — 396. While numbers are the highest in Oklahoma, 398 to one.