Four State residents head to the polls


FOUR STATE AREA — It’s election day in parts of the Four States.

Missouri and Oklahoma to be specific. And voters have been weighing-in on a number of issues.

There are 184 poll workers manning 46 precincts in Tuesday’s election in Jasper County.

We haven’t seen large crowds—or even a line, but Jasper County Clerk Charlie Davis tells me that isn’t surprising because municipal elections usually have a lower turnout. But as of right now there’s some municipalities that are seeing a good turnout and that’s because some have more on the ballot than others.

One example of that is — Carl Junction, with school board as well as some tax issues that’s on the ballot.

So they’re going to see a little bit larger turnout than the average 12% or so. But all in all it is going to be a lower turnout. County Clerk Charlie Davis says regardless of voter turnout, his job is to make sure the polls are open and everybody who wants to vote gets to vote.

Charlie Davis, Jasper County Clerk, said, “No matter if it’s a 10% turnout or a 65% turnout, we still have the same amount of effort that has to go into each one of the elections. You know, I’ll say it again, my job is to educate the public that asks me what’s going to be on the ballot and to make sure that the polls are open so that those who want to can. Unfortunately, not everybody wants to.”

Davis says while everyone may not want to get out and vote in these municipal elections–poll workers were definitely eager to get out and lend a hand. They are adhering to CDC guidelines and social distancing–while making sure the voices of members of their communities are heard.

City council, school boards, and tax issues are all being decided tonight. A lot of eyes are on the city of Purcell–with 3 city council seats that will all be write-ins on the ballot.

The winner in that election will not be certified until Friday. And then residents are going to have to determine who the winners are because somebody might have their name written in and they don’t qualify to be able to hold that office

Polls are open until 7 p.m. so you still have time to cast your ballot at one of the 46 precincts in Jasper County.

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