Four State residents gather on the square in Neosho to observe a national holiday.


Four State residents gather on the square in Neosho to observe a national holiday.

KSN’s Joie Bettenhausen explains why ministers in Neosho are inviting the public to pray for the nation.

((Nats:”We want to recognize this is our National Day of Prayer. The theme this year is love one another.”))

Joie Bettenhausen
Residents from around the Four States met on the courthouse lawn in Neosho Thursday for the 68th National Day of Prayer.
Three services brought more than three hundred people to the square to pray and worship with one another.
And this national holiday has a lot of rich history within the United States government.

“President Truman’s the one who actually put it into effect after the war that called for national days of prayers. There’s been a lot of that through the years. President Regan is the one who actually officially brought this in with the act of Congress.” says Mark Taylor, Event Organizer

National Day of Prayer is celebrated every first Thursday of May.
And calls people from various backgrounds to pray for those in government and in the line of duty.

“We pray about a lot of different issues, all the way from praying for our leaders, especially all the way down through military, law enforcement, all those areas. As a business, our economy and stuff would do good and well there.” adds Taylor

One Newton county resident, pastor, and sheriff has been coming to the National Day of Prayer event for years because of his belief in the importance of prayer.

“More of the time of worship, time of being with other brothers and sisters, and just focusing upon seeing so many people coming together with the biggest important thing is just to life up our nation to God in prayer.” says Keith Brumfield, Joplin Heights Baptist Church

And another pastor looks forward to events like these to pray over the Four State community.

“So the fellowship, the connection … that’s a wonderful thing, but we also really what we’re hoping to do is to really talk to the Lord on behalf of the citizens of this community and we believe the Lord hears our prayers and that He answers them and so we want to see some answered prayer.” says Jeremie Bridges, The Canopy Pastor

In Neosho, Joie Bettenhausen, KSN Local News.

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