Four State Middle School Students Learn About Human Trafficking Prevention


If you think slavery in the U.S. and around the world ended with the civil war, think again.

A form of it still exists today. One of the lessons of history is that if you aren’t aware of it, you’re doomed to repeat it. That’s why Lori Phillips brought here 7th grade students from St. Peter’s Catholic Middle Schools to Rapha House in Joplin.

“Well they’re learning about slavery during the 18 hundreds in our American History Class and I’m always looking for ways to connect what they’re learning from the past with our present day and um I, I feel they were able to do that here today,” says Phillips.

According to Rapha House, 1.2 million young people each year end up ensnared in human trafficking, and certainly not all of them are in Southeast Asia.

Traffickers often make contact with potential victims through a cell phone, pretending to be someone they aren’t.

“Well especially right now where kids have access to Facebook and Snapchat and all different kinds of media it is really important that they’re aware of the dangers that come along with that and also that their parents are aware because we found that the younger they can be educated and the younger they have access to information that will help protect them from predators,” says Ashlee Walter, the Rapha House Operations Coordinator

Kendall Ramsey a St. Peter’s 7th Grader adds, “We learned how to stay safe from human trafficking, how to prevent human trafficking and if you were like involved in human trafficking how to deal with it”

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