Fort Scott Seniors reminisce on high school and impact of cancellation


FORT SCOTT, Ks — Senior year is supposed to be special, a time to celebrate big milestones before going to college or getting a job.

For Kansas students, their senior year was cut short over concerns of the coronavirus, meaning they’ll miss out on moments many were looking forward to.

Hannah Vann, Fort Scott High School Student, said, “Normally seniors have weeks to prepare for this, but we got hit with it within a couple hours.”

When you think about senior year of high school, a few things always come to mind.

Emma Martin said, “Prom and graduation.”

Hannah said, “In the classroom, on the field, or on the track.”

Brody Bowles said, “Seeing everybody everyday before everybody has to move on and grow up.”

But for these Fort Scott High School Students, senior year was cut short because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Hannah said, “No prom, no graduation.”

Nick King, said, “Not getting to be with your friends in the last couple months of your senior year is kind of tough.”

Drake LaRoche, said, “Unlike a lot of other schools around the United States,we were still planning to go back on Monday. All of our sporting season were still planned to go on and there was no postponing or anything like that and so as soon as everyone heard the news that it’s just all over, I think that’s why it just hit us so hard.”

Brody said, “A lot of people in this room have been dedicating a lot of their time since they were 9 or 10 years old to be a state champion in high school and just for it to be taken away, it kinda hits home, it’s pretty hard.”

Lucas Harryman, said, “I guess its just kind of a different feeling.”

They say they understand why it has to be this way.

Drake said, “We should treat it as a big deal, so it doesn’t become a big deal.”

But now, they’re using this time to reflect on the memories they shared.

Hannah said, ‘It’s crazy how fast it all just went by. Feels like we were just freshman roaming the halls and now we’re never gonna get to step foot in that high school again.”

Emma said, “One thing that was hard for me is thinking that like I had so much time but I really had no time at all.”

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