Fort Scott National Historic site special artillery display for 4th of July


FORT SCOTT, Kan. – Firecrackers weren’t the only noise makers in Southeast Kansas Thursday.

The historic fort in Fort Scott was the site for a special artillery display on this 4th of July. The 1,800 pound smooth bore cannon is the same type that was used by the cavalry on the western frontier as well as during the Civil War. Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield Historian Connie Langum says they pack a powerful punch.

“We only fire a half of a standard charge, that’s 10 ounces of black powder and we don’t fire a projectile, but it still makes a verify loud echo, a loud boom, historically, you fire this piece and it’s going to recoil 5 to 6 feet with a projectile in it.”

Connie Langum, Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield Historian

Langum says Wilson’s Creek in Springfield fires cannons like this one on a more regular basis than they do at the fort in Fort Scott.

During the Battle of Wilson’s Creek, Langum says people in Springfield could hear the cannons going off on the battlefield ten miles away.

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