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FORT SCOTT, Ks. — More than 100 students could possibly be missing a refund check from Fort Scott Community College. One student even saying she is waiting on a $1,500 check.

Jocie Allen, Sophomore, FSCC, said, “I came to Fort Scott and realized I wasn’t getting a refund check. And so I went to the financial aid department to figure out what’s going on their doing scholarships different this year. They’re using my Pell grant to cover my tuition they said they were going to cover with my scholarship I’m on.”

Jocie Allen joins many Fort Scott Community College students who are still waiting on money back from the school. Some of those refunds amounting to hundreds and even more than a thousand dollars.

“800 something dollars and I got zero dollars.”

Jorden Willard, Freshmen, FSCC, said, “I would be getting at least 1,500 dollars back. I am working, but I’m saving towards a car and that federal aid money was going towards that. And with 1,500 taken out, that’s a big difference.”

On Monday night, students addressed the issue during a board of trustees meeting.

Alysia Johnson, President, FSCC, said, “We said we’re really proud of the students that stood up and advocated on theif behalf for what they though their scholarship was.”

The students say looking at their tuition balance online, it looks like extra money from grants and scholarships went towards the student’s tuition, which was already paid in full, instead of being refunded to the students. Board members went into an executive session after the students spoke, and they are hoping to fix this issue.

“We did a poor job of communicating, we will fix that. that certainly wasn’t intentional. But needless to say, it needed to be fixed.”

This late in the semester, students are upset getting their refund took this long. But they are happy the wait is soon to be over.

Abby Humble, Sophomore/Presidents Ambassador, FSCC, said, “I think it’s a victory. I am disappointed that this is happening so late in the semester since there is only four weeks. But all I can say is thank you to the administration for making the correct.”

This issue only applies to students who are receiving the greyhound advantage, Presidential Ambassador and Academic Excellence Scholarships. Over the next few weeks, the college will work to notify those who should have gotten a refund. President Alysia Johnson says they are unsure if this has happened to students in years past.

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