Fort Scott Community College celebrates the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr.


FORT SCOTT, Ks. — Students at Fort Scott Community College and members of the community are celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The college kicked off its three day celebration with events at the Ellis Fine Arts Center.

The day began with a showing of a civil rights film, readings of doctor King’s Letter From Birmingham Jail by FSCC students, and a community reception with birthday cake and drinks.

Gordon Parks Museum Director Kirk Sharp says that now more than ever, it’s important for people to remember Dr. King’s teachings.

Kirk Sharp, Director of The Gordon Parks Museum, said, “What’s happening today is starting to echo the effects of what we saw that was experienced in ’68 so we want to make sure those things aren’t repeated and make sure social justice and having a just culture is always going to be there and Martin Luther King did a wonderful job of preaching that.”

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is nationally observed the third Monday in January, but his actual birthday is January 15th.

King would have been 91 years old this year.

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