Fort Scott being studied for multi-use facility


BOURBON COUNTY, Ks. — Bourbon county is looking to bring a venue into the area that will boost the local economy.

The county is in the first phase of the process and has invested 15-thousand dollars to conduct a market viability study for a multi-use facility.

The purpose of the study is to assess the market to ensure that this project is economically sound.

The county wants to use the facility to cater to participatory sports and believes it will be a huge win for the local economy.

Jody Hoener, Director Of Economic Development for Bourbon County, said, “The economic impact, the real economic impact, is going to be remarkable. Because stores will have more foot traffic, will have increased sales tax revenue, we will have diverse recreational opportunities.”

Hoener says the goal is to decrease the county’s property taxes by adding value to the area.

She also says the county is focusing on projects that provide sustainable growth over time.

Although this project is still in the early stages, a developer has already shown some interest.

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