Former Vatterott College students enroll at OTC


It’s been over a month since Vatterott College closed its doors to students in Springfield and Joplin. But many of them have decided to enroll at Ozarks Technical College for less money and an accredited degree.

“For example, with dental assisting, the 180-day follow up survey, 100 percent were placed within jobs in the community. With our diesel and automotive programs, the job placement rate is well above 90 percent. Most of these students are getting connections in their internships and they’re able to be hired on right after that,” said Jordan Schreiber, Director for Student Recruitment.

OTC says 43 students have reached out to the school to join its automotive and dental programs, some of which are already enrolled in courses after being placed in advanced classes by instructors.

OTC’s diesel program recently expanded, allowing the school to take on more students who will now have a good chance of landing a job after graduation.

Schrieber says some students from Vatterott are $35,000 in debt from the for-profit school.

A former instructor at Vatterott now teaches at OTC as well.

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