Former senator receives special honor


A local and state lawmaker is honored at the Jasper County courthouse for decades of public service.

That includes countless laws, including one with a big impact on a local sexual assault victim.
Jasper Co. Judge Dean Dankelson said, “There’s a ten year old girl in Jasper County right now who’s better off and she’s safer because of the work of Senator Richard. I’m better off because of my friendship and the work of Senator Richard; every citzen of Jasper County and fortunately every citizen of Missouri can say they’re better off because of Sen. Richard.” 

From judges and county commissioners to Missouri Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe, they’re all in Carthage for one thing – to thank Ron Richard.
Kehoe added that he’s learned a lot from Richard over the years. “Many people have learned from him. Not how to be a politican – how to be a statesman. How to work with both sides of the aisle, how to make Missouri a better place; that’s what Ron Richard is all about.”

They unveiled a portrait of Richard on the first floor of the courthouse, thanking the lawmaker for nearly three decades of public service.
The image sits next to that of longtime southwest Missouri lawmaker Richard Webster.
Richard said, “Completely surprised and almost speechless. Hanging at the courthouse here in Carthage next to an icon Dick Webster is beyond my wildest dreams.”

Richard was first elected to political office in 1990 when he joined the Joplin city council.
He would go on to serve as mayor, as a state representative, Speaker of the House, state senator and Senate President Pro Tem.
His portrait is also on display at the state capitol.

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