Former K-State student files lawsuit claiming she was raped at Aggieville bar after bathroom lock failed


MANHATTAN, Kan. (WDAF) — A former Kansas State University student filed a lawsuit in federal court claiming that she was raped at an Aggieville bar after the lock on the bathroom door failed.

The lawsuit field in U.S. District court Thursday claims that O’Malley’s Inc. and the owners of O’Malley’s bar were negligent and failed to provide adequate security and training for employees to prevent sexual assaults.

According to court documents, the woman was at the bar in Feb. 2018. She was using the bathroom when two men opened the door and turned the lights off. One of the men then sexually assaulted her.

The woman then called police, who arrived shortly afterward. She was taken to the hospital and completed a sexual assault kit, but the perpetrators were never found.

The woman claims in the lawsuit that O’Malley’s didn’t have a working lock on the bathroom door and didn’t have functioning security cameras. The lawsuit also claims that the bar was over-capacity and that the bartenders had been drinking alcohol on the night of the assault.

The suit also claims that workers at the bar had not received training on maintaining patron safety or managing crowds. The lawsuit seeks $75,000 in damages, attorney fees and a jury trial.

The owners of O’Malley’s have not yet responded to FOX4’s request for comment.

Riley County Police Captain Tim Hegarty said in a statement that the case is currently inactive unless new information is presented.

“This case is currently inactive pending any new information. Over 80 hours were dedicated to the investigation, which included a social media campaign asking the public for assistance.”

“Regarding this specific case, that’s all we can say in order to preserve the integrity of the investigation should new information arise. As for guidance to local businesses about what to do if a rape occurs on their premises, to my knowledge we had never considered the need, assuming common sense would prevail in such circumstances.”

“That is not to say that it didn’t in this case, for as I said, we cannot comment on the particulars of the investigation. While it is currently inactive, there is no statute of limitations for rape, and we are always open to the possibility that information may arise which would lead to a resolution of the case.”

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