Food Trucks offer alternative to restaurants amid covid-19 precautions


JOPLIN, Mo. — Want someone else to do the cooking but want to avoid crowds of other people?

Why not try a food truck?

Many of them are set up in locations around the Joplin area.

That list includes Bacon Me Crazy and Culver Creek Eatery to name a few.

Tupper operates the later and says there are some important benefits to food trucks in this time of coronavirus concern.

Jarren Tupper, Owner, Culver Creek Eatery, said, “In a restaurant, and I’ve worked in many, you have 40 to 50 even a hundred employees that are all in the supply train from receiving product to prepping product to cooking product, in a food truck atmosphere in a small local business like this, I’m the guy that buys it, I’m the guy that receives it, we really minimize how many hands touch the product before the consumer gets it.”

Jeff Carney, Owner, Bacon Me Crazy, said, “You know, we’re gonna set up today and do delivery, delivery for free for seniors and stuff that can’t get out of the house and deliver it to them, 11 to eight Friday, Saturday and Sunday.”

And in case you’re wondering, both trucks will be set up on South Main Street this weekend.

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